Air Conditioning Installation and Replacement in Northeast Philadelphia

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KPJ Heating & Cooling LLC we are well aware that the summer sun in Philadelphia is often brutal. Once temperatures reach the triple digits, you need an AC unit that won’t quit on you.This is why our HVAC technicians dedicate themselves to serving you.

From repairing a broken unit to installing a brand-new, more efficient model, we have the talent and expertise to service your home or business. Our HVAC experts are certified in all major brands.

We do offer and recommend annual maintenance check-ups and servicing to keep your HVAC system and thermostat running the way they should. This also helps you save money by diagnosing issues before they become serious and costly.


We focus on creating systems for your home or business that ensure that you, your family,co-workers, and guests will be cool and comfortable. We can help you install an eco-efficient system to help cut down on your monthly costs and reduce your carbon footprint on the environment.

Also, with annual maintenance, you can be confident that you’re not wasting time and money on needless repairs. We make sure your system is clean, inspected, lubricated, monitored, and charged. Our comprehensive air conditioning services look at your needs and help you solve your HVAC issues.

During an air conditioner installation, you might need to purchase just one piece of an AC system or have all the components included. Before you inquire about this type of project, it’s important to educate yourself on the basics outlined below:

Evaporator coil (also known as the evaporator or indoor coil) – The indoor side of your air conditioner is the evaporator coil. Most homes in LA have an evaporator coil right next to a furnace. If there’s no furnace, there tends to be an evaporator coil inside what we call an air handler. The evaporator coil is where cold refrigerant travels through. Evaporator coils also contain an expansion valve. The expansion valve keeps your coil at the necessary cool temperature.

Condensing unit (also referred to as a condenser, outdoor unit, or air conditioner) – The condensing unit is the big metal box that you see outside your home. The condensing unit builds pressure in the system and cools the refrigeran. The condensing unit has components that help with this, including a coil, a fan, and a compressor. The coil and fan cool the refrigerant, while the compressor builds pressure.

Other components in an air conditioning system:Although condenser units and evaporator coils are the main pieces of your air conditioning, don’t overlook these other critical parts:

  • Piping for refrigerant that travels between the condensing unit and evaporator coil
  • Ductwork, which distributes air around your home
  • Blower (or indoor fan), which helps airflow through the ductwork. The indoor fan is inside a furnace or an air handler.
  • Thermostat, which sends on and off signals to your condensing unit and blower

We are specialists in the cooling and heating of residential homes and businesses. Our work inspires. We pride ourselves on delivering outstanding quality and for leading clients in the Northeast Philadelphia area.


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